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Bottom line

  • Elegantly designed for drift
    The Xerun D10 motors provide the ideal colors to perfectly match your drift machines. Available in Black, Red, and Purple.
  • Banana plug-in quick-swap design
    The motor comes factory soldered with high quality 3.5mm banana plug for easy access swap to different motors. 3.5mm male head is also included in the XD10 ESC.
  • New stator designed for drift applications
    The new motor stator is optimized for drift and improves motor efficiency in drift applications. Built-in with high-precision sensors board, combined with drift-specific fan rotors, providing excellent motor linearity and drivability while
    greatly improves motor efficiency.
  • Lightweight
    The 10.5T motor weighs approximately 158g while the 13.5T is at 165g (including 3 gold insert weights). The lightweight motor allows user to easily tweak their weight bias on their car.
  • Equipped with fan rotor,
    Providing great heat dissipation, power the special-shaped gold fan on the rotor heats the motor while making a pleasant sound, especially when Turbo is turned on.
  • Best paired with XD10 PRO ESC  


  • 1/10th Drift car, 2S Lipo
  • 2 POLE Super High-Efficiency brushless motor
  • Diameter/Length (mm): Φ=35.7mm(1.41") L=52.6mm(2.07")
  • Shaft Diameter/ Length (mm): Φ=3.175mm(0.125") L=15.0mm(0.591")

ID XERUN D10 10.5T Motor XERUN D10 13.5T Motor
 KV / Lipo cells 4600kv / 2-3S 2900kv /2-3S 
Type 1/10th, Brushless Sensored  1/10th, Brushless Sensored 
Applications  1/10th Drift car
Sensorless or Sensored brushless Motors  
Size O.D mm 35.7 35.7
Length mm
52.6 52.6
Stock Rotor Φ7-12.2*24.1-BUT*-L1 Φ5-12.1*24.1-BES*-L3
Weight (g)

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