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full remote controlled tank with "smoke & sound" and with launch function incl. remote control with batteries, battery, charger and accessories! With strong engines, very good gearbox and excellent quality! A true to detail replica of the original. This remote-controlled tank is just fun! And that for a very reasonable price! Thanks to its chain drive and independent suspension, the tank drives very well in the terrain, even against thick carpets or slopes it does not stop.

    now with metal gearbox and 2.4Ghz remote control
    Version 6.0 (Generation 5) - fully proportional

New with version 6.0:

BB shot and infrared combat features selectable
chain tensioner
The steering knuckles are now made of metal
4 different tank sounds
Improved and more accurate steering
Headlight can now be switched on and off
Recoil function can now be set in 3 levels
Fast and Slow mode can be selected
The light of machine gun can be switched on and off
Driving straight ahead has now become more stable
There are several connections available on the electronics, for example. Camera, WiFi, laser, etc.
Technical specifications:

Model: R / C Tank Tiger I with "smoke and sound"
Scale: 1:16
Engine type: electric motor
Power supply: 7,4V 1800mAh LiIon battery
Charging time: about 2 hours
Chains: 4.5cm wide, cushioned springs
Lighting: headlight front. During firing, a red warning light illuminates
Ammunition magazine: 100 balls 6mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): about 40cm x 23cm x 19cm
with cannon 52cm
Weight: approx. 4.0 kg
Remote control: forward / reverse normal and HIGH SPEED, stop, forward left or right turn, reverse left or right turn, turn on the spot / Super spin right and left, raise and lower cannon, turret rotates 320 ° (160 ° right / 160 ° left), ammunition launch even while driving
Frequency: Fully proportional 2,4Ghz, so you can drive with many tanks at the same time and without interference.
Color: mouse gray

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