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Set of professional tools for modeling, necessary for the assembly of any ship model in scale. Buying modeling tools will greatly facilitate the construction of wooden models. This kit of professional tools for modeling has the necessary tools to assemble any scale model and take the practice of modeling to a new level.

Naval modeling, aerial modeling and rail modeling, and of course every kind of crafts, are lucky with this magnificent toolbox for modeling in wood. It also allows you to work with materials such as cardboard, cork, paper, plastic and foamy. 



What includes:


Modeling Cutter Nº1 & Nº5 It includes 7 different spares blades to make any neccessary cut without any problem. Available for both cutters.
Magnetic Bar Support for spare blades. It works as handle of this saw.
Cutting Tablecloth Cutting tablecloth with the measurement of 180 x 90 mm. Ideal surface to work on to protect the underside of cuts and marks.
Modeling Saw Serrated saw ideal for cutting wood. The cutter handle nº 5 also can be use as the handle of this saw.
Miter Box In anodized aluminum, it is a guide to make perfect cuts in 45º or 90º.


Technical specifications:


Recommended Minimum Age 14 years old

Product Safety
Contains dangerous tools if not used properly. Use under adult supervision. Keep out of the reach of children.
Product Care It is recommended to keep tools rust free and sharp for safer use.


EAN: 8421426270020

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