Bandai PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai 0228335 P-Bandai Series



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P-Bandai Series
PG - perfect grade
Plastic model kit
1/60 Scale
May require glue and paint to complete as shown.

The PG Red Frame was ripe for P-Bandai variants from the second it came out, but surprisingly there's only been one--until now! Thankfully this kit is being made available through North American distribution as well! 

This release maintains the same stellar construction as the original PG Astray Red Frame, but it features an additional sword and the massive Tactical Arms II L! An Action Base 1 is also included to support the Tactical Arms in its various modes, because this thing will be BIG upon completion--we're talking almost 20 inches long in sword form! The Tactical Arms can also assume Delta Form, Arrow Form, Flight Form, and Work Form so you have plenty of posing options upon completion. Water decals are also included for this release, and an LED is included to illuminate the camera eye! This is the ultimate form of the Astray Red Frame Kai, so don't miss out on this limited offering!

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