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New AWD chassis set with separate receiver unit joins the EVO series lineup!

In the new MR-030EVO the receiver was designed to be purchased and installed as a separate unit to allow the model to be used with other makes of transmitter such as KYOSHO (KT18/EX-6/EX-6R/KT-531P/KT-432PT), KO (EX-2/EX-RR), Futaba (T7PX/T7XC), Flysky (Noble NB4). In addition, the highest AWD series spec MA-020VE PRO included a 3-stage steering servo unit, but the new MA-030EVO includes the even higher spec 5-stage gear type from the MR-03. Also, a special CPU for servo control improves the control speed of positioning feedback and the updated control program delivers the best steering feel of any AWD model through improved responsiveness and linear response to driver control. The one-piece heatsink and aluminum case on the KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 (8500KV) brushless motor keeps it cool for optimal performance. The optional I.C.S. manager allows precision setting adjustments and also the switch to a brushed motor, which was not possible with previous chassis sets. Switch between drift and grip driving styles to experience the ultimate in AWD driving performance.
  • MA-030 AWD chassis is based on MINI-Z FWD MA-03F chassis.
  • Includes KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 85 brushless motor (KV8500).
  • Optional I.C.S manager enables precise setting control and use of either brushless or brushed motor.
  • Independent CPU control with increased processing speed delivers even more precise control.
  • Full ball bearing specifications reduces drive loss.
  • Includes rear double wishbone suspension conversion. (DWS)
  • Compatible with L (94mm) and LL (98mm) wheelbases.
  • Only LL (98mm) can be used with rear double wishbone suspension set.
  • Compatible with optional parts for the various MR-03F chassis models

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