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Special transmitter set includes Futaba 4PM transmitter and Mini-Z Evo receiver unit

This Futaba 4PM transmitter and receiver unit set can be used with the separate receiver specifications of the MR-03EVO and MA-030EVO.

Previous MINI-Z versions were equipped with an integrated receiver, servo and speed controller unit, however the MR-03EVO and MA-030EVO separates the receiver so other transmitter-receiver combinations can be used.

This set includes a receiver unit and the popular mid-range Futaba 4PM transmitter, which has upgradable software and a light balanced feel that’s easy to use for long periods without becoming fatigued.

Unique specifications including ‘MINI-Z EVO’ vertical logo on the backlit LCD when the power is turned ON/OFF are only available in the premium 4PM transmitter included in this set.

This radio can also be used with any Futaba FHSS receiver equiped vehicle


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