Nitro Fuel

Pinnacle Hobby


We carry Nitro fuel from Morgan Fuels

We stock the following:

Omega airplane fuel

Omega Heli Fuel

Cool Power airplane fuel

Cool Power Heli fuel

Sidewinder Car fuel (quarts and gallons)



We are sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.

We order fuel a couple of times a year directly from the manufacturer in the USA.  If you would like to order (pre-oreder) fuel we put out a notice (via social media) before we order and encourage our customers to place a 4 gallon order to receive a 10% discount.

Currently fuel prices range from

$21 to $44 for airplane fuel

$34 to $60 for heli fuel

$39 to $48 for car fuel (gallons)

$15 to $16 for car fuel in Quarts (1 litre)

Please contact us for info regarding our current stock levels and the date of our next shipment.



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