Revell 85-4429 1/24 Mazda RX-7 2N1 plastic model kit | Pinnacle Hobby


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  • Add this smooth ride to your model collection by constructing this challenging 94-piece model kit

  • Customize with 2 sets of wheels, stock and racing with optional seat, spoilers and wheel flares

  • Kit features detailed twin rotor rotary engine



    The Mazda RX-7 introduced sports car buyers to the benefits of the rotary engine. Unlike a normal piston engine, the horsepower in a rotary engine is generated by the moving parts all going in the same direction. The result is a smooth, lightweight engine. In the RX-7 the engine is placed behind the front axle for an even 50/50 weight distribution. Introduced in 1978, the first generation RX-7 grabbed the attention of sports car buyers. Its rotary engine featured a low center of gravity for excellent handling. The 1146 cc engine produced a little over 100 horsepower. The performance number came in at a respectable 0 to 60 mph in 9.2 sec. and a top speed of over 120 mph.

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