RMX 85-4464 1/25 1930 FORD MODEL A COUPE 2 IN 1


SKU: 48530

The classic Model A Coupe has been a favorite with street rod builders since the beginning.  In the 1950s, old Model A Fords were easy to find and cheap.  How times have changed.  But the fun of building and driving a street rod hasn’t changed.  Now, aftermarket suppliers offer just about every part you could want or need for your street rod. In the beginning, street rods were built by kids wanting a fast set of wheels that they could afford.  Today, street rods are more sophisticated and more expensive.  They are still built by do-it-yourselfers, but more and more are being built by custom shops.  The kids have turned into adults, but they still love street rods.  Now you will find them in many different styles, from the “rat rod” to the modern machine. 

  • V-8 engine with 2 different intake styles.
  • 2 different frames to choose from.
  • Choice of 2 complete interiors.
  • Choice of steering wheels and headlights.
  • Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.

Skill Level: 5 
Scale: 1/25 
Length: 5.75"
Width: 2.625"
Height: 2.50"
Parts: 154

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