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Announced in 2020, the GR Yaris has a 272hp 1.6-liter 3-cylinder engine, GR-FOUR sports 4WD system and 6-speed manual transmission – no ordinary hatchback! This Mini 4WD kit recreates the popular hatch-back on the compact and quick VZ chassis.

VZ Chassis
The VZ chassis is a compact and lightweight design that features reinforced designs for bumper, rear stay base and more ensuring that it has the durability and flexibility to withstand racing accidents. It is also a rather adaptable unit that lets its owner make numerous updates to the setup. Low friction 620 plastic bearings are molded in POM and maximize drive efficiency, while the chassis and A parts are molded in ABS. This chassis features a gear ratio of 3.5:1.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 158mm, width: 98mm, height: 49mm.
• The 3-door body is molded in White ABS, and captures features such as the prominent grille, bulging rear fenders and roof rear spoiler. Dedicated metallic stickers are included to decorate the model.
• Fin type wheels are paired with small diameter low-profile tires; both are Black.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your car.



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