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The popular mini 4WD dog is now available in a special kit as Kuroshiba. The body adopts the first yellow color Mach buret, and the driver figure of Kuroshiba to put on the driver’s seat is already assembled and painted. A cute marking sticker is also included. The pastel blue color chassis is a small and lightweight VS with a short wheelbase. A large diameter low-height tire with white print is attached to the large diameter 6-spoke wheel of fluorescent orange. It is a kit that can be easily assembled by fitting and screwing without using adhesive.
〇 Body = Mach burette (yellow), dedicated sticker
〇 Chassis = ABS (pastel blue)
〇 A parts = ABS (black)
〇 Wheel = 6 large diameter spokes (fluorescent orange)
〇 Tire = super hard large diameter low height (black)
・SUPER HARD, TAMIYA MINI 4WD white print on the side surface
〇 Gear ratio = 5:1 with motor

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