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Sagami's Proto-Sabe! 
The Proto-Saber JB (from Japanese: プ ロ セ イ バ ー JB, Puroto Seibā Jei Bi-) is a 4-wheel drive racing machine from the Fully Cowled series, we saw it appear in the manga and in the anime "Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go ! " as the first machine of J.Jun Sagami with which he also raced in "Bakusou Kyoudai Let & Go! Return Racers!".
This racing car is essentially a Super Avante with the mudguards and the largest body, mainly in metallic blue, with different red elements, first of all the 3-spoke Fully Cowled wheels of small diameter combined with slick tires of high profile, red in color there are the two lights placed on the front of the fenders and the flames that make up the livery, while the passenger compartment is silver and the rear spoiler, much larger than the Super Avante, is attached in 6 points has a black background and has the wording "Proto-Saber JB" in yellow, the same color for the "JB" that appears on the nose of the machine, while we can see the number "01" placed on the rear side of the front fenders. 

Super-1 chassis
The Super-1 chassis is in itself the new generation of the Zero Chassis and offers an attractive mixture of speed and durability. The removable side supports offer ample adjustment possibilities, while the smaller front tires contribute to lower the center of gravity, thus obtaining a height of only 3 mm from the ground. 

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