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The Avant-garde at speed (Ultra) Sonica
The Vanguard Sonic (Japanese: ā ン ガ ー ソ ソ ニ Bang Bang, Bangādo Sonikku) is a Mini 4WD Fully Cowled racing car and has been featured in the manga and anime "Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! " as Retsu Seiba's third machine.
This is a mounting kit for a high-performance race car model that uses a four-wheel drive transmission. The Vanguard Sonic has front fenders separated from the Chassis and some of these can be removed, the frame is white with red and green elements and unlike the old model, the Sonic Saber, the wheels are Fully Cowled, yellow with slick rubber high profile black. The cabin is a single black block, the rear wing is much larger than the old version, has the Vanguard Sonic lettering, and is mounted above the cockpit at the height of the rear tires. 

Super-1 chassis 
The Super-1 chassis is itself the new generation of the Zero Chassis and offers an attractive blend of speed and durability. The removable side supports offer ample adjustment possibilities, while the smaller front tires contribute to lower the center of gravity, thus obtaining a height of only 3 mm from the ground. the front has two low friction rollers of gray color while the ones mounted on the side of the frame are green. 

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