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Stubbornly Winning
The Gun Bluster XTO is a Mini 4WD from the Fully Cowled series presented in the movie "Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! WGP: The Great Pursuit of the Berserk Mini 4WD car!" like the car of Rion Cusco. 

The Gun Bluster presents the design with separate, wide and sharp-angle fenders. in the center there is a large light, behind which the upper part of the engine is visible, which is visible, thus providing better heat dissipation. The decals are recessed in the body with delimited spaces and reproduce crossed strips. On the side of the rear hood, there are the 'Super FM' decals. 
Equipped with 3-spoke red Fully-Cowled wheels of small diameter combined with high-profile slick tires. 

Special Cusco
The Cusco has a black shell, a blue passenger compartment, blue stripes bordered in white on a black base, and others with white / red stripes. 
The holes have been opened to reduce the weight of the body. It has a single, large rear spoiler, with the inscription "Cusco Special". 

Super FM Chassis
An evolution of the FM chassis, the Super FM chassis has an aerodynamically advanced lower part. 
The front engine gives it an advantage on the runways with many salt-and-drop lines, plus it has a reinforced bumper and cooling ducts to make it a winning chassis! 

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