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Watch out for the Fire! 
The Fire Stinger is a Mini 4WD that is part of the Fully Cowled class and has appeared in the "Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! MAX" like Marina Ogami's car. 

It is essentially the silver Ray Stinger with a flaming red and blue livery, the air vents of the old version have been removed to leave larger rectangular holes. The passenger compartment now has a gold color and has two windows and ends behind the air intakes. 
It is equipped with white wheels of small diameter, 6-spoke TZ type with high-profile slik tires. 

Super TZ Chassis
In addition to the medium wheelbase and wide tread, the Super TZ chassis mounts the batteries close to the ground and uses the flat bottom to increase the low center of gravity. Use a sturdy bumper that acts as a front wing to ensure stability even at high speeds. 

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