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    This is a standard three-lane oval racing circuit for Tamiya"s Mini 4WD racing car models. It is made from light and sturdy ABS resin plastic. The track is quick and easy to assemble. Using a two-level lane change section, it allows smooth running throughout the course of a 3-lap race. Three laps around the circuit is one racing length, which allows each car running time in each lane. Circuit color is light gray. Lane sizes are based on racing circuit specifications used in Tamiya"s official Mini 4WD races. 


  2. Curved Sections (8) 
  3. Straight Sections (2) 
  4. Bridge Approach Sections (2) 
  5. Wave Section (1) 
  6. Under Bridge Section (1) 
  7. Bridge Sections (2) 
  8. Bridge Supports (2)

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